Puma Simone

Ask Puma Simone what type of music she makes and she will undoubtedly scratch her head. A witty and honest lyricist and producer, a quick listen will highlight many musical influences.

Ranging from West African “Hip Life” and Afro-Cuban Jazz to Ace of Base and other 90s popular music, all blending seamlessly into a style of her own, that has made Simone a mainstay in iTunes playlists and car stereos around the world. A member of the CERTAIN.ONES, a global hip hop supergroup, Simone takes pride in using her platform as a springboard for unity. A unique vocalist and passionate performer she has left her mark on many stages including the Trinity Hip Hop Music Festival, SXSW, Stella Blues, The Creative Minds Show, and the Bushnell Theater. ​

Her shows are comedic as well as thought-provoking, as she shares painful life experiences and lessons. An exhilarating sonic experience, Simone’s silky smooth flow and one of a kind voice is woven in between pulsing percussion and emotional chord progressions.